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Become a sponsor for our event Making Space - a fundraiser for tbd. dance collective and celebration of movement.

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Your generous gift is greatly appreciated! Donations, of any amount, help to pay artists, dancers + collaborators and continue the creation of dance experiences and education for the community of Omaha!


tbd. dance collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


Why donate?

Because tbd. dance collective is dedicated to the growth and support of modern + contemporary dance in Omaha. We provide choreographic opportunities for local dancers, offer affordable movement workshops, and create multidisciplinary dance  productions + performances in collaboration with other artists and organizations throughout the community.  

Your support helps us to accomplish those things, and so much more! Each donation helps pay for lighting + sound equipment, rehearsal space, costumes, production materials, and performance stipends. Donations also help to pay the incredible team of people who devote their time, talent, and energy to making our work great - musicians who provide us with live music, lighting designers, graphic designers, sound engineers, and visual artists.  


When Visible  | Photograph by Ben Semisch, Courtesy of KANEKO

When Visible | Photograph by Ben Semisch, Courtesy of KANEKO


Movement is important within a community.  Dance can be one of the most powerful tools of communication we possess and provide the medium in which we connect.  We want to continue to make work that inspires others to create, move their bodies, and express themselves. Please consider joining us and supporting us in this journey.