Photograph by Ben Semisch, Courtesy of KANEKO

Photograph by Ben Semisch, Courtesy of KANEKO


tbd. is a modern and contemporary dance collective founded in 2014 by a group of artists and dancers who wanted to create, learn, explore, and perform together. 

Operating under the belief that movement can be one of the most powerful tools of communication one can possess, and provide the medium in which we connect, it is our goal to provide accessible dance experiences that enrich the community, and encourage critical dialogue about the presentation of modern and contemporary dance.

With a creative process + vision built around exploration and collaboration, we produce multidisciplinary movement based performances and develop work that is highly imaginative, diverse in content and structure, and challenges perceptions of dance as an art form.  


  • We produce modern + contemporary dance performance
  • We collaborate with artists + organizations throughout the community to present dance through various platforms
  • We provide choreographic opportunities for local dancers
  • We offer affordable movement workshops for adults