mode of being | The Movement Series

March 29 + 30 at KANEKO

As part of The Movement Series, tbd. dance collective presents mode of being, an evening length production examining the shared elements of human nature.  Through movement, dancers will explore the external behaviors, rituals, and patterns we engage in on a daily basis, as well as the internal ability we have to experience life through a range of emotions.  These shared acts of humanity are widely varied, but can overlap and intersect - connecting us in ways that can be easily seen, and other times only felt. Mode of being will feature a live, original score, created in direct conversation with the choreography and exhibition.



Saturday February 23, 10:00am - Noon at OutrSpaces

a high energy, open level dance class focused on exploring movement in all of its glorious forms, expressing yourself, and having fun! DANCE CLUB is for anyone interested in moving their body, regardless of level of training or dance background. Classes include a follow along warm up, fast paced across the floor exercises to get the heart rate up, floor work, improvisation, and a final center phrase.


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