tbd. dance collective

tbd. dance collective



Sound and Sensor | Obelus + tbd. dance collective 

June 21, 2018 at KANEKO | 7 - 9 pm

As part of the Generator Series, this collaborative performance by Obelus Movement and tbd. dance collective will combine sensor technologies with contemporary movement to transform KANEKO's space into an interactive visual celebration. 

NY based sound artist and composer Monte Weber and choreographer Claire Cuny, co-founders of Obelus Movement, create interactive live performance systems using tactile controllers and computer systems designed for dancers. In this upcoming collaboration, members of tbd. and Obelus Movement’s choreographer Claire Cuny will collaborate using Weber’s newest system which utilizes handheld speakers and contact microphones to acquire data directly from the dancers body resulting in a unique interconnected web of audio synthesis and a move towards new levels of totality and ensemble gestures in live performance. 


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Obelus is a movement art collective based out of Hudson Valley NY and the Berkshires MA. Founded in 2016 by choreographer Claire Cuny and electro-acoustic sound artist Monte Weber. The collective employs technology to inspire contemporary methods of choreography and physical performance art. George Balanchine elucidated, “dance is music made visible.” Obelus augments this notion by exhibiting the dancer as the composer, the composition as the dancer. 


tbd. is an artist - driven modern and contemporary dance collective founded in 2014 based on a need for more consistent opportunities for dancers in Nebraska.

Through performance, collaboration, and education, our mission is to enrich the community through movement and continue the growth, appreciation, and support of modern/contemporary dance in Omaha. Learn more.....

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